When Should Your Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

When Should Your Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

Child's First Dental Visit


We like to have children in our office, joining mom or dad, as soon as they have teeth so we can educate the entire family.

We talk about oral hygiene and showing a parent how to wipe the child’s teeth with a paper toothbrush or a cloth to get the child used to the cleaning process.

The visit also gives us an opportunity to discuss the diet and decay relationship.

When the child is old enough, and apprehensive, we might give them a ride in the chair with their parent.  On the other hand if the child is comfortable we will schedule them for a conventional cleaning/check up appointment. Surprisingly we have had children as young as two and a half have a cleaning/check up procedure.

It’s not an option for all children as each child is an individual.

For some children, they are not comfortable in a general dental practice and they may benefit best from seeing a pediatric dentist.

Sometimes, even if children will tolerate the cleaning/check up, they will need to have more extensive care with a pediatric dentist whose office is filled with other children, toys and large staffs to accommodate their needs successfully!

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Child’s First Dental Visit

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